Feast for the Senses on offer at HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Makan Hub in 2018

Getting fully into the rugby sevens spirit, the team at SATS Delaware North, master caterers for the Singapore Sports Hub, have prepared a winning line-up of rugby-themed and classic Singaporean delicacies to feed the masses at the HSBC Rugby Sevens 2018 Makan Hub.

With teams and fans coming in from every corner of the rugby world, the menu on offer at this year’s Sevens (28-29 April) offers something for everyone, from the hungriest forward to the sleekest back, with an array of filling delights that reflects the cosmopolitanism of both the World Rugby HSBC Sevens Series and Singapore.

The menu for the Makan Hub in 2018 comprises 10 international and local delicacies that will be sure to whet the appetites of all rugby fans and keep them primed to enjoy two days of non-stop rugby action and entertainment at the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens.

These offerings are only a fraction of the wide array of food and beverage on offer during the tournament weekend.

The menu was conceptualised and prepared by SATS Delaware North Executive Chef Mr Garry Edgley.

Like the teams fighting it out for Sevens glory on the pitch, Chef Garry has his own track record of performing under pressure in a heated environment, with a 35-year career that spans different parts of the world, including China, Austria and rugby mad nations like England and Australia.

“For the Singapore Sevens, we try to bring in a nice cross section of cuisines from all over the world, from Australia to South Africa, as well as local favourites for foreign visitors who want to sample what is popular here in the region,” said Chef Edgley.

“Singapore is a real melting pot, so we try to bring in a little bit of everything to keep all of our visitors happy at the stadium,” he added.

Amongst the unique rugby-influenced dishes on offer during tournament weekend are some cherished delicacies with an emotional appeal for travelling rugby fans, including the classic sausage roll, the staple of rugby clubs and pubs the world over, and a traditional favourite at rugby stadiums in Australia in particular.

This homemade beef sausage roll is perfectly crispy on the outside with a rich serving of minced beef inside and a tomato chutney to add some Singaporean spice to the occasion. Expect a scrum when these sausage rolls come out piping hot from the oven.

South Africa currently top the World Rugby HSBC Sevens Standings and as a reward for hard work put in this season, the team at SATS Delaware North are offering a South African favourite, Boerewors sausage with grilled onions.

This South African sausage is a staple of braais (South African for barbeque) across the country and will certainly be a favourite of the large contingent of South African fans expected through the turnstiles next weekend.

In honour of defending HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens champions Canada, Chef Garry and the team are serving up a Canadian specialty, Poutine – French fried potatoes topped with pulled pork in its own gravy.

In a delightful contrast to seven-a-side rugby where speed is of the essence, Chef Garry and his team are pulling out all the stops for their Poutine, which is slow cooked in the oven for 12 hours with French fries piled high with gravy-laden pulled pork and a soupcon of chopped spring onions over top.

Fans from Canada’s neighbors to the south, the USA, will also have something to get to grips with in the slow-cooked Chicago beef brisket roll with cheese and mixed pickles.

Chef Garry will have the crowds chanting ‘Ole!’ with his tribute to Spain’s sizzling sevens team and the nation’s classic cuisine with an addictive Churros platter.

A daily staple for the fun loving Spanish Churros are a fried dough pastry that will come coated with more cinnamon, sugar and chocolate sauce than tacklers on a Fijian winger breaking away down the touchline.

Of course, the team at SATS Delaware North will be flying Singapore’s culinary flag proudly this weekend, serving up a storm of everyone’s favourite Singaporean classics from soto ayam, murtabak served with curry sauce, prawn laksa, satay chicken and assorted wok fried seafood topped with chilli crab.

Outside of who raises the Cup on Sunday evening, the only question remains which menu item will be most popular for the thousands of local and international visitors to the Sevens in 2018.

While 192 star players will be going at it hammer and tongs to score tries on the pitch, fans visiting the Makan Hub won’t have to put up with any aggravation at all, as they ‘try’ all of the spectacular dishes on the menu at the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Makan Hub.

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Annex – Menu

S/N Dish name Description
International Cuisine
1 Homemade beef sausage rolls topped with tomato chutney Crispy on the outside and packed with a rich serving of minced beef inside, the homemade beef sausage rolls are a mouth-watering staple in Australian stadiums.


2 Boerewors sausage with grilled onions Hailing from South Africa, this grilled sausage dish is a traditional delicacy in the country and region.
3 Poutine – fries topped with pulled pork in its own gravy Poutine is a Canadian pulled pork dish that is slow cooked in the oven for 12 hours. The French fries are piled with gravy-laden pulled pork, with chopped spring onions on the top.


4 Chicago slow cooked beef brisket roll with cheese and mixed pickles While Philadelphia has the cheese steak sandwich, Chicago could lay claim to the beef brisket roll. The brisket dish is served with cheese and pickles.


5 Churros coated in cinnamon sugar and topped with chocolate sauce Originating from Spain, this fried dough pastry is coated with cinnamon and sugar, and served with drizzled chocolate sauce.


Local Cuisine
6 Soto ayam soup garnished with bean shoot, shredded chicken, spring onion, potato cake and dried shallot This light chicken turmeric noodle soup is packed with shredded chicken, an egg, and a savoury chunk of Bergedil (potato cake).
7 Murtabak served with curry sauce A staple at the local hawkers, murtabak is a pan-fried dough pocket stuffed with mincemeat and eggs. The dish is served with a bowl of curry on the side.


8 Prawn laksa with beanshoots, fish cake, egg, noodles, laksa leaf and tau pok With the laksa paste made in-house from scratch, the dish will be sure to match the authentic flavours of the heartlands restaurants.


9 Assorted wok fried seafood topped with chilli crab A spin on the Singapore chilli crab dish, this dish served with prawns, scallops and squid loaded with chilli crab sauce. It is served with golden crispy mantou on the side.


10 Satay chicken sticks on a cucumber, red onion and ketupat topped with peanut sauce Our satay dish is barbequed chicken chunks, served with sweet peanut sauce, cucumber, onion and rice dumplings (ketupat) on the side.

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